We specialise in mechanical & electrical engineering, civil & architectural construction, mainly for luxury hotels and resorts. Recently, we have started to branch into efficient and cost-effective solutions for renewable and waste energy, as we recognise this is an important area for our clients and for the good of the environment.

Simply drop us an email at [email protected] with a description of the requirements for your project. Upon consultation with our team, we will reply with a list of questions relating to your inquiry either over email or a phone call at your convenience.

After our initial discussion with you, we will then provide you with an indicative sum for your project. All quotations are free.

As much information as you can, as this will help us better understand the needs of your project as well as provide you with a more accurate estimate of costs. Information that we look for include photos, areas of the required build up, drawings, budget, tentative schedule, and estimated plans.   

It depends. We have worked on projects of various sizes, but if the project liability is significant, we may bring in partners that we have worked with before to ensure that the project will be completed to your satisfaction.

Yes, one of our projects, Loama Maamigili, was located on a historical island which was protected. Our team partnered with local historians to work on preserving the island’s heritage sites while at the same time ensuring that we were able to meet our clients’ needs.

This depends. While we are happy to work with architects and designers to bring your vision to life, we are also happy to work on a Design & Build concept.

Yes, we offer main contracting services, and we have also worked with various consultants from different parts of the world and different sub-contractors.

Very closely – this is something we are very proud of at Re-Plan, to be able to always deliver the project on time and to the allocated budget.
However, there may be delays due to the weather or other natural phenomenon which we are unable to account for. Our decisions to delay the progress due to these circumstances are always to protect the safety of the staff and other stakeholders involved in the project.

We normally request for a deposit after mobilisation, followed by a progressive payment mode.

Yes, we are keen to expand our business and project portfolio to take on business outside of the Maldives, whether in Asia or beyond.